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Yasuhiro was born in the one of smallest province in Japan.
His house is surrounded by mountain and paddies. His wife said ''It's like a part of scene from fairy tale.'' when he brought his wife before marriage. It took for 20 min away to closest convenience store by car at that time. It can't imagine if by foot.... There is some store now.



He went to study at Virginia in U.S after graduated local high school. No one Japanese knew about Virginia but also Americans too. If asking to someone American about Virginia, he or she had said why he would have studied at country side. His major was linguistics and crime law. Population of the University located in the Morgantown is about 50,000. Most of them were college students. The town became like a ghost town when they were in vacation. There were no play spot but outdoor activities were so excited. He got interested in playing golf because of the environment. It was only $10 for playing golf. It was really cheaper than drinking alcohole and healthy. He believed that was unique benefit at country side.



He graduated the University with his best.
His major ''Language'' is studying grammer, pronunciation and how to talk. The another major ''Crime law'' is studying history of alarm and how people make a crime etc.
He had never studied photograph in the University.
He has experience only that he made a sun camera when he was elementary school student.



He was hired by Golf course Wild Wing Plantation in South Carolina. His job was maintain and service for the golf course.

January 1997

He switched his job toThe Golf Channel in Florida.

Summer of 1997

He changed his job again starting at an assistant for the Beyondship it is a news service company. He started to learn photograph when he did interviews in his work.



He moved to New York.

November 2008

He independent his job after quit Beyondship.

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